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Focal Tech has partnered with Genovation for the PIN entry devices used with the LunchTime Software System. These devices are heavy duty and spill-proof with an LCD display so each patron can visually see that they are entering the correct PIN number.

Genovation was formed in April 1989, and has established a successful business in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative electronic products.

Genovation has developed a unique standardized technology that reduces virtually any application that requires a micro-controller to low cost, proprietary electronic hardware and software modular building blocks. This enables the company to design and produce products for virtually any application or market using essentially the same basic micro-controller code and circuit design.

To learn more about Genovation, visit their website at www.genovation.com.


LunchTime Software never becomes obsolete since software updates are included in the annual maintenance and support package. This includes unlimited technical phone and email support.

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