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School Cafeteria Point of Sale

The LunchTime School Cafeteria Point of Sale module is the software application used by the cashiers to process patrons through the lunch line.

Full Featured

LunchTime Point of Sale Software can be adapted for multiple uses and is highly customizable to fit your specific needs. Our software can make your lunch sales process work for you. Do you need to restrict items for purchase by user? Set purchasing limits? Control cashier access and information? We provide options and features to customize the Point of Sales to meet all your current and future needs.


We specifically built LunchTime Point of Sale with the goal of moving students through the line as quickly as possible. Less time in line means more time to enjoy lunch. We work with Bar Code Readers, Pin Pads or Biometric Finger Print Scanners. Each of these devices work independent to the Point of Sales, enabling students to enter their information while the cashier completes the previous sale. Our entry process is reduced so a minimum number of clicks or taps is required to process a transaction.

User Friendly

We have the ability to customize the Point of Sale Screens to meet your needs. Group items by color or location for ease of use. Training is provided to teach you how to maximize the potential of your system. Our years of experience working with schools means we can be your trusted advisor as you migrate to our software. Our friendly tech support and trainers are there with you and will stay with you as your needs change.

Looking for something specific? Our Customer Service Department is here to help you.